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Garuka Coffee, a single-source premium coffee from Rwanda

Welcome to our e-kawa store. Our mission is to bring you the very World's best coffees and teas.

We are starting with Garuka coffee, a single-source premium coffee. Forget coffee blends; you will love this unblended single-source coffee and never look back at coffee blends; the taste of this coffee bean from the Thousand Hills of Rwanda is simply exquisite! Get it and experience it for yourself.

Garuka coffee is from one of the best coffee areas of Africa, the birthplace of coffee; its tree is an Arabica coffee tree grown in the volcanic soil of Rwanda; it is washed and roasted by coffee masters; it meets all international coffee standards and has won twice the annual cup of excellence.

Garuka coffee meets Fair Trade requirements and helps sustain thousands of Rwandan Farmers: it is literally from the farm to your cup. Garuka is a product and a brand of Rwandan West Hills. Bon Marche Thrift Stores, accessible at, is the exclusive reseller of Garuka coffee in the USA.

Our Garuka coffee bags are 17.6 oz and not your standard 12 oz.

If you want to buy one or a few bags, check our product pages.

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