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About Us

I am a coffee drinker. I started looking for a good cup of coffee for my mornings. My husband who was traveling back and forth from Sonoma to Rwanda, brought us a selection of Rwandan coffees, including two Garuka coffee bags, and I was hooked. From then on, he was advised to never come back without Garuka coffee.

I am a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Bon Marche Thrift Stores. It has two stores in Sonoma. We decided to start selling this coffee, first in our two stores, then here online as a way to share it with the world and  as a way to help Rwandan farmers who grow it. Bon Marche is a partner of Gardens for Health International (GHI), a US-based non-profit organization that seeks to provide agricultural solutions to the problem of chronic childhood malnutrition.

e-kawa is a unit of Bon Marche,

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